Beyond Zen Full Spectrum CBD Oil | 2500mg

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Discover the ultimate feeling of well-being and enlightenment as you go BEYOND ZEN!!! This 2500mg Full Spectrum CBD oil delivers an 83.3mg per serving dose of the best THC and cannabinoid rich formula on the legal market. BEYOND ZEN is perfect for sports, meditation, yoga, rest, feelings of well being beyond measure, and more. It will focus you during the day and relax you at night while you sleep like a baby! This is our flagship CBD Oil. Try it now and experience what it is like to "GO BEYOND ZEN" today.


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    Relief I Needed!

    Posted by Angela G on 17th Oct 2021

    I am a chronic pain sufferer and my current pain management system only gets me from "unbearable" to "I think I can tolerate this.". Adding a few drops of Cannabliss's full spectrum CBD in the morning and evening has made a big difference. I am in less pain and I feel less anxiety about my pain and the restrictions it imposes on my life. It just turns the dial a little from "sharp and painful" towards "warm and soft" without losing any clarity of thought. Discovering this has been a real life saver, I'll be sure not to let myself run out!